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D.I.D. Fact #004


When they came back from hiatus, they played two lives as “Until the Day I Die" rather than "D.I.D.".

  • June 22nd, Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL
  • June 29th, Osaka ROCK TOWN

On both days, the set list was exactly the same:

01. Until the Day I Die
02. the resolution
03. Ira
04. atheism

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D.I.D. Fact #002


During an instore event, it was revealed that Tohma is openly bisexual. Though the other members said they only like women, they seem pretty comfortable with Tohma’s orientation (although you might notice that they often tease him about it).

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D.I.D. Fact #003



Akane adores cats. Whenever he sees one, he feels this irresistible urge to go pet it. He likes cats so much that when he is waiting for the other members to record their parts at the studio, he says he sometimes steps outside and spends a few hours petting stray cats in the parking lot. However, he also says he doesn’t like cat cafes (a cafe where you can watch and play with cats), because cats there only go to you if you have food in your hands and ignore you otherwise.

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"Do you have this in black?"a proverb  (via fawun)

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"We can save people with music."Hide (X-Japan)

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